Shirley Bellinger

played by Kathryn Erbe

Character Bio

Season 4 Part 1

Shirley returned to Oz to await execution. Upon her arrival, she takes inventory of the death row inmates and asks Ginzburg (Nat/Natalie) to switch cells but he refuses. She soon begins secretly having sex with one of the prison guards at night. She agrees to see her ex-husband whom she immediately informs that the child she killed was the result of her being raped by her husband's father. As she is lead to the gallows for her execution, her fear takes over and she fights not to go through with the execution, which is different because up to this point, she's been anxiously awaiting this day. Her fighting is in vain as the noose is applied and her life ends.

Season 3

Oz's female resident discovers she lost her appeal and her death date will soon be set. After consulting with McManus, she decides that hanging would be the best. As her execution nears, it's discovered that she's pregnant. Whose baby? Who knows? Sister Pete examines Shirley and concludes that she should be institutionalized. Shirley becomes livid and yells to Sister Pete (as she's carried off to the mental institution) that her child is the "spawn of the devil" and humanity will suffer.

Season 2

OZ's only female inmate arrives on death row for killing her daughter. Although Shirley is demure and slightly charming, she hides tremendous emotional instability. She flashes her genitalia to Timmy Kirk, the inmate clean up detail, she makes a pass at Father Mukada, and soon she starts passing amourous notes to a secret admirer, offering sexual favors to him when they meet. When she sees the admirier is Adebisi, she rudely dismisses him with a racial slur.

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