Raoul Hernandez

played by Luis Guzman

Character Bio

Season 3

Hernandez is now fully in control of the Latino's interest in Oz's drug trade. He soon gives attention to new Latino inmate, Ricardo, whom he recruits to box for them. Alvarez gets released from solitary and Hernandez is still skeptical, thinking Alvarez had to rat on them in order to get released. He then tells Alvarez to box for the Latinos, yet another attempt to prove loyalty. Alvarez loses his bout to the gay opponent and Hernandez is truly fed up. After Hernandez, Guerra and Ricardo are thrown in the hole for having drugs. Hernandez's hate for Alvarez deepens because Alvarez didn't get caught. Hernandez then orders Ricardo and Guerra to kill Alvarez. They go to carry out the order but their plan backfires and Alvarez winds up killing Ricardo.

Season 2

Cold blooded killer Hernandez comes to Oz and instantly takes control away from Alvarez. Alvarez is assigned to be his sponsor but Hernandez immediately rejects him by saying he's "too white" and not worthy of respect. Alvarez soon confronts Hernandez about why Hernandez despises him. Hernandez tells Alvarez to prove his loyalty by gouging the eyes out of a new CO Hernandez hates. Although Miguel does the deed and winds up in solitary, Hernandez is still unimpressed and suspicious.

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