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Character Bio

Season 6

Poet started the season as always, slinging drugs for the Homeboys. Reddings long grief for Hill did leave the Homeboys without a leader and Poet began to wonder if they'd every get back into the full swing again. Soon Redding comes to them with the plan of working for the telemarketers soliciting campaign funds for political candidates. All goes fine until Poet lashes out at a customer and Redding fires him. Without work and out of the drug trade, Poet goes to the Muslims to work for them. When Redding destroys the printing press, Poet and the Homeboys find themselves unemployed again. All that doesn't matter as the evacuation alarm sounds and everyone clears out of Oz.

Season 5

Poet has settled in as Redding's right hand in the drug trade. Although things are relatvely normal, he joins with Redding in their meeting with Morales. They convince Morales to join forces with them in their plan to eliminate the Italians from the drug business. While Poet and others are partaking their "daily dose", Hill arrives seeking drugs. Poet refuses at first but soon gives the drugs to Hill. Hill winds up in the hospital near death after taking so much of the drugs. When Redding finds out, he immediately questions Poet who lies and leads Redding to Busmalis. Poet quickly tells Busmalis to lie and say that he saw the Italians give Hill the drugs. Redding believes Busmalis' tale and has one of the Italians poisoned. This works for a while but Poet knows that he's still in harms way if Redding finds out that he gave Hill the drugs, Redding will surely do away with him. ould be killed.

Season 4 Part 2

New inmate Burr Redding, an old street gangster shows up and immediately convinces Poet to relinquish his position as leader of the gangsters. Once done, Poet's relegated to selling the drugs. When the camera crews arrive for the in-depth story on Oz, he tells them about a possible cover up in Adebisi’s death. He also gets thrown in the cage for allegedly lying about his involvement in getting Supreme Allah shanked by Tug Daniels. Soon, Redding decides to have Tug Daniels beaten to death and Poet sees to the deed. Poet also ensures that Supreme Allah meets and unexpected early demise by poisoning him, as a favor from Hill.

Season 4 Part 1

Poet's year began with his two closest partners Wangler and Pierce getting shot to death by Tarrant. But the drug trade continued with Poet remaining loyal to Adebisi. New Em City administrator Querns forms an alliance with Adebisi allowing the drug trade to flourish even more. When new inmate Desmond Mobay arrives and asks to work for Adebisi, Adebisi makes Poet responsible for checking Mobay out to see if he's trustworthy enough. Adebisi's rise to power troubles Poet as he notices how much worse the situation really gets. He's troubled by Adebisi's behavior and discovers that Adebisi's making video recordings of his actions (drug use, sex, drinking, etc). After a conversation with Said, Poet decides to help get the video tapes as evidence. The outcome is not exactly what Poet expects when Said and Adebisi clash in their pod and Adebisi emerges bleeding and dying.

Season 3

Officially aligned with the gangsters, he's now involved in the tit trade with Wangler. After witnessing Said show affection for Tricia Ross during visiting day, Poet performs a scathing poem that indicts Said as a traitor to his race. Poet and partner Pierce endure a brutal burning at the hands of Adebisi. Once released from the hospital ward, he's ready for revenge, but Wangler advises patience because a larger plan is brewing.

Season 2

Poet's work goes noticed by McManus, who quickly gets him to continue the GED program. When Poet graduates at the top of his class, McManus has him deliver the class speech which turns out to be a poem. Later on, Said takes interest in Poet as well and gets Poet a publishing deal. Poet's good fortune continues as he gets out on parole. However, while attending his book signing, Poet meets with an old enemy, pulls out a gun and shoot him dead. With a new murder rap on his record, Poet returns to Oz to the disappointment of McManus and Said.

Season 1

Poet often performs his pieces during whenever the inmates are gathered (meals, tv time, etc) His poetry reflects the happenings in Oz and is peppered with language that reflects his struggle to stay focused on his writing and away from his drug influenced past. However, he's also down with the Homeboys, some of whom are drug dealers. He's got a gift...and not just for poetry.

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