Omar White

played by Michael Wright

Character Bio

Season 6

Omar's life in solitary confinement sis hard. He tries to keep his sanity while also trying to stay clear of Officer Howell's advances. Once he is released he's told that Said has been killed and that the killer is now in Oz. Furious, Omar goes to McManus and asks if he can just meet with Said's killer. McManus refuses but imposes a better idea. He has Idzik, Said's killer, transferred to Omar's pod with the condition that Omar must not let any harm come to Idzik. Omar reluctantly agrees and finds himself intrigued by Idzik, who really just wants to die. As the days progress, Idzik does what he can to get Omar to kill him but Omar won't. Omar's ow preoccupied with reading more about the cosmos and the universe based on what Idzik's told him. Frustrated and tired of waiting, Idzik slits Omar's throat at night.

Season 5

Although Omar's constantly talking about staying on the straight and narrow, his actions prove otherwise. To alleviate the problem, McManus assigns Said as Omar's mentor with the rule -- if Said reports any bad behavior to McManus, Omar gets thrown in solitary for good. Omar happily moves into Said's pod however, Omar discovers that Said's toughness is hard to take especially since Said seems to be everywhere Omar is. Said shows up just as Omar buys some drugs from Poet only Said takes the vial and crushes it. Omar signs up for the music program with Suzanne Fitzgerald and she quickly assigns him to sing in the Oz Variety Show. To encourage Omar, McManus let's Omar practice in an empty storage room for one hour a day. Burr Redding hears this and forces Omar to pass drugs for money while he practices in this room. Said finds out about this and brutally beats Omar. McManus finds out what happened and returns Omar back to his pod only Omar begs McManus to release Said. As the day of the show arrives, Omar doubts his ability to perform and goes to Poet, who gives him a free sample of drugs. Omar is torn but ultimately performs without the drugs and excitedly returns the drugs to Poet. Omar soon discovers a plot to have Said killed by a new Aryan. Omar confronts this inmate and in a scuffle, chokes the man.

Season 4 Part 2

Omar's a disturbed soul who arrives to Oz with a lot on his mind'particularly how to feed his drug habit. O'Reily recognizes White's plight and offers him a free sample and more if he does a favor. Omar has to shank a news reporter that's doing an expose on Oz. The plan backfires and Omar's taken to solitary. Once Omar's out, he then stabs Guerra because he "just doesn't like him." After that incident, McManus takes an interest in Omar and vows to let Omar stay in Em City only if he behaves. Omar promises to do so only he retaliates against McManus by shanking him to "impress" the other inmates of his toughness. Omar gets thrown in solitary again but continues to struggle with addiction. After Guerra rats on White, McManus forces him to support group only he then starts fight with Beecher.

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