Officer Sean Murphy

played by Robert Clohessy

Character Bio

Season 6

Officer Brass tells Murphy that Morales ordered Brass's achilles tendons cut. Brass further explains that he wants revenge and convinces Murphy and Howell to help him. The get Morales in solitary, hold him down and allow Officer Brass to cut Morales' ankles. Although he agreed to do it in support of a fellow CO, Murphy's concience gets the best of him and he admits to McManus his part in the deed. McManus scolds him but lets him keep his job. Murphy also hands out sage advice to McManus who started to feel the weight of all the deaths and scandals at Oz. When the evacuation of Oz occurs, Murphy's right there to get everyone out to safety.

Season 5

For the most part, stalwart Murphy saw little action. He did however impart important words to Tim McManus, who was slipping deeper into a guilt-driven rage. While Tim works out in the gym, Murphy explains to Tim that Brass' basketball career-ending injury was not Tim's fault.

Season 4 Part 2

After McManus is stabbed by White, Murphy steps in to keep order...again. Murph finds out about Redding's plot to kill inmates so Murphy orders the SORT team to intervene and this results in lockdown. Once the basketball games begin, McManus recruits Murphy who's skeptical at first, but joins the effort with Tim as his partner.

Season 4 Part 1

When Tim McManus is fired, Glynn orders Murphy to step in temporarily. After new Em City head Martin Querns is hired, Murphy's back to his Corrections Officer duties only now, he's not happy as he sees Querns ignoring blatant violations by some of the black inmates. He and other CO's go to McManus (who now runs Gen Pop) to complain and McManus offers to have them transferred to work in Gen Pop. Murphy accepts the offer.

Season 3

Murphy joins Oz after his good friend Tim McManus recommends him. Murphy instantly proves his mettle by diffusing a situation with Ryan O'Reily. Tim soon asks Murphy to help him start an inmate boxing program similar to the one Murphy ran at his old prison. Ryan O'Reily approaches Murphy and asks him for pointers on training Cyril for the boxing matches. Murphy agrees but only to be an observer. While walking through the gym, Murphy discovers Ryan spiking an opponent's water with drugs. He immediately tells Ryan to stop or he'll have Ryan transferred to the "hole". On orders from McManus, Murphy gets tough with the inmates and orders all privileges suspended until the inmates change their attitude, clean up their cells, etc. Murphy catches Hill violating one of the rules by having a nudie magazine and he immediately throws Hill in solitary and a lockdown is instituted.

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