Officer Claire Howell

played by Kristin Rohde

Character Bio

Season 6

Howell continued her detail in solitary and still found other inmates willing to have sex with her just to keep her from harassing them. Of course, one tryst was too much as Howell confided to Father Mukada that she was pregnant and unsure of who the father is. Although she decided to keep the baby she had to decide if she should continue working at Oz or if she should move away. Before she can make a decision, the alarm sounds for all in Oz to evacuate.

Season 5

Claire's duties this season were relegated to keeping folks in protective custody safe. When Keller's returned to Oz to await a murder trial, he's placed in protective custody. Howell decides since he's the only one in that unit, she can have some sexual escapades with Keller, who at first is willing. After a while, he tires of her and tells her he's no longer interested. This angers Howell who beats him badly and covers it up as though he attacked her.

Season 4 Part 2

Howell returns to Oz after taking that brutal fall down the stairs. She didn't see much action this season due to being assigned to another unit.

Season 4 Part 1

While on duty in the cafeteria, she steps in to break up a fight involving Ryan O'Reily. She tells the other officer that she'll take him in herself. Howell actually has other plans for Ryan as she leads him into the bathroom where they proceed with having sex. This leads to Howell getting filled Ryan quite frequently, even to where she does a favor for him by electrocuting Stanislofsky while he bathes in the infirmary. When Ryan tires of her and tries to break the sex off, she threatens him by claiming she'll decide when it's over. Later she comes to Ryan with a plan, she'll lay off him, if he turns Cyril over to her for the same action. Ryan of course refuses and plans another way of getting Howell off his back. Ryan convinces inmate Yood to let Howell have an "accident" in exchange for extra food. While Howell and Yood are walking down some stairs, he trips her up, she falls and breaks her pelvis which puts her out of commission for a while.

Season 3

Officer Howell reports for duty and immediately makes her dubious mark on everyone. She first dismisses Wittlesey's offer to show her the ropes by making it clear she needs no help from anyone. Howell continues by making a move on Tim McManus, resulting in them sleeping together. In a brief conversation, Howell confirms her suspicions about Diane and Tim, when Diane gives Howell the rundown on Tim's dating system. Howell, in an attempt to one-up Wittlesey, reveals how it only took her one date to get Tim in bed. Howell's deeply vicious jealous streak comes out when she sees Tim comforting Wittlesey in the staff lounge after he tells Wittlesey that her mother died. She quickly confronts Tim in his office and the conversation escalates to a shouting match and then to a tussle with Tim having to physically subdue Howell. What's worse, the entire incident is witnessed by some of the inmates. Even though an angry Tim demands that Glynn fire her, Glynn only transfers her to another unit. She finds out and it's back to Tim's office for more screaming. She then files a sexual harassment suit against Tim which results in her reinstatement. Upon returning, she begins taking her anger out on the prisoners. While in the staff lounge, Wittlesey who's now fed up with Howell's attitude and tirades, socks Howell in the jaw and a fight ensues.

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