Miguel Alvarez

played by Kirk Acevedo

Character Bio

Season 6

Miguel tries extra hard to keep his sanity.

Season 5

Miguel gets released from solitary. Guerra immediately confronts him and Miguel comes up with a new way to settle their beef. Guerra will stab Miguel once in front of everyone and this will end the score between them. This seemingly act of bravery gets Miguel a new follower, who pledges his loyalty. Miguel tell Jamie to kill Guerra to prove his true loyalty. The plan doesn't work and Jamie is killed by Guerra. Shaken by the boy's death, Miguel goes to Mukada to confess his complicity in this. MIguel then decides to make things right by doing a good deed for someone in need. He joins up with the seeing eye dog training program and does exceptionally well. The program makes an impact on him and Alvarez decides to give his dog to Rivera -- the Oz co who's eyes he gouged. The experiment works and the dog is given to Rivera. Miguel goes up for his parole hearing but goes off in a rage during the hearing and gets sent back to Oz.

Season 4 Part 2

Miguel gets captured and returned to Oz. Upon his arrival he's ostracized by the Latinos who are now under Morales' control. He goes to Morales who rebukes him, and then, to Burr Redding, offering to kill Morales to gain Redding's favor and protection. Redding also rebukes him so Alvarez has nowhere to turn. Confused, angry and crazed Miguel goes on a rampage and shanks another Latino inmate. He's then immediately returned to solitary where he descends further into madness.

Season 4 Part 1

After getting shanked by Bevilacqua, Alvarez winds up in the infirmary. While in the hospital, Busmalis tells him of his new tunnel he plans to escape through. After yet another unsuccessful attempt on his life, Miguel decides to escape with Busmalis and does.

Season 3

To start, he attempts suicide while in solitary, which could have been a reaction to being cut off from his medication not feeding him and the hacks not feeding him. After the suicide attempt, Sister Pete gets permission for Miguel to participate in a victim/offender program which will allow him to return to Em City. Although Miguel opens up some, his meetings with Rivera yield little success. Meanwhile, Miguel's release from solitary is met by suspicion from El Cid , Guerra and Ricardo. Still desperate to prove his loyalty, Miguel becomes their boxer and promptly loses his first match. When El Cid, Guerra and Ricardo are busted for holding drugs, Miguel narrowly escapes. But once they get out, they believe Miguel set them up. Ricardo and Gierra attempt to murder Miguel, but their plan backfires, and Miguel ends up killing Ricardo instead. Back in solitary, Miguel immediately confesses to Warden Glynn that Ricardo, who's now dead, was his daughter's rapist.

Season 2

This was a rough season for Miguel. Our favorite latin leader endured the death of his grandfather from Alzheimer's -- and knowing who raped Warden Glynn's daughter. Although Warden Glynn demanded the information from Miguel, he refused to tell, making Glynn livid. He also has to contend with his conscience for not helping Father Mukada during the riot. Soon, "El Cid," the leader of the Latin gangsters, comes to OZ and immediately takes control from Miguel, telling him he has to prove his loyalty. At "El Cid's" demand, Miguel gouges the eyes of a new CO with whom "El Cid" has a past beef. He then takes Father Mukada hostage in a fit of anger and guilt; but once he's subdued, he's thrown in solitary, which could possibly seal his mental fate.

Season 1

Alvarez gets a cold welcome to Oz by getting shanked by a rival. While recovering MIguel is told his baby is being born with major health complications. He's indifferent at first but with Father Mukada's counseling, Miguel believes his baby's poor health is God's way of punishing him. After the baby dies, Miguel turns to drugs, specifically using LSD provided by his podmate Groves. When the leader of the Latino's get's paroled, the leadership is passed to Miguel. When the riot breaks out Miguel is put in charge of the hostages, one of whom is Father Mukada, Alvarez's confidante.

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