Kenny Wangler

played by J.D. Williams

Character Bio

Season 4 Part 1

Kenny returns to Oz and is moved in with Adebisi who immediately puts Kenny to work selling drugs. Once new inmate Tarrant arrives, Kenny, Poet and Pierce begin harassing him endlessly. However, a fed-up Tarrant soon turns the tables and kills Kenny and Junior Pierce in a dramatic shoot out.

Season 3

Kenny is the first casualty of Oz's new boxing program. Soon after Kenny takes new inmate Coyle in as one of the gangsters, Coyle gets shanked for killing a family on the outside. Kenny gets a report from his mom about his girlfriend's suspicious behavior and orders a hit on his girl and the boy she was seeing. After she's killed, Kenny pretends to grieve and McManus lets him attend her funeral. But things change while Kenny is away. On his return, Kenny is shocked to find Adebisi back as his podmate. Kenny is immediately placed under Adebisi's rigorous "warrior training" which includes hog tying Kenny, fully naked, to his bed every night. Things get crazier as Kenny, with Adebisi's "encouragement", charges McManus with sexual harassment.

Season 2

Maturing into manhood is difficult at best for Kenny. After going through withdrawal with the other "tit" addicts, McManus offers to help him get his GED instead of working in the kitchen with Adebisi. Kenny makes a serious attempt but is barred by an angry Adebisi, who sees his influence waning if Kenny starts thinking for himself. Kenny relinquishes his work toward literacy and returns to Adebisi's influence, and the "tit" trade. But that goes awry when Jara, the Yoruba African elder, arrives at OZ and begins spiritually connecting with Adebisi. Feeling that Jara's influence is making Adebisi move further away from the drug trade and life, Kenny kills Jara.

Season 1

One of the youngest inmates to come to Oz, Kenny arrives with plenty of attitude for all. Said attempts to put Kenny on the Islamic path but that sours with Wangler so he falls in with Keane and the homeboys. Kenny's drug use increases while following Markstrom and Adebisi as he also starts selling the product.

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