Kareem Said

played by Eamonn Walker

Character Bio

Season 6

Said's biggest challenge was in holding the Muslims together as his flock was still uncertain of his mental stability. When McManus offers Augustus Hill's journal for publication, Said is pleased for the Muslims to take up the project. He also contacts the press to discuss the project. Upon arriving to meet the press, he's met by Lemuel Idzik who immediately pulls out a gun and fatallty shoots Said. Arif and the Muslims are now left to contemplate their next move.

Season 5

After last season's brawl with the Aryans, Said tells McManus he will plead guilty to attempted murder. Even with that admission, Said gets released from the hole but he still bears psychological scars that haunt him throughout this season. The Aryans continue their revenge ways culminating with the torture-killing of new muslim Lalar Allah. This outrages Said so he and Arif go to Warden Glynn for answers. Frustrated with the Warden's answer, Said's strain begins to show. Aware of Said's plight, McManus makes Said become a mentor for Omar White by moving Omar into Said's pod. In the beginning, Said just bosses Omar around and even beats him to a pulp when he discovers Omar passing drugs during his singing practices. McManus throws Said in the hole for this. McManus offers to release Said but Said refuses because he's afraid he's not mentally ready to return. After some time, Said does return with a new perspective on life. Omar apologizes to him for screwing up but Said also apologizes to Omar for usurping his power. Even with these changes, Arif and the rest of the Muslims aren't fully convinced of Said's stability.

Season 4 Part 2

Said emerges from the Adebisi murder investigation without a conviction. However, he subconciously knows he is responsible and begins to unravel. Inmate Tidd, who worked for Adebisi comes to Said hoping to join the Muslims only Said vehemently disapproves. Arif pleads with Said to accept Tidd into their flock after Tidd seemingly proves his loyalty to the Muslims by defending Arif in a fight against the Aryans. Unbeknownst to Said, Tidd has a pact with the Aryans to murder Said. When the killing opportunity comes, Tidd can't do the job and confesses the plot to Said. Said then accepts Tidd only the happiness turns to sorrow as Tidd is shanked by the Aryans in their attempt to murder Said. Said offers support to Beecher as he awaits his parole hearing. After Beecher's parole gets denied, he returns to Oz and find's Schillinger and Robson waiting taunting him. Out of the blue, Said and other Muslims appear and Said shanks Schillinger and Robson.

Season 4 Part 1

Now that Khan's dead, Arif tells Said of his plans to lead the Muslims. Said still receives visits from Tricia Ross only he rebukes her when she asks to take their relationship further. Next, Said tells the inmates he's been asked to testify when the trial comes up. However, when the guards require him to wear an inmate's jumpsuit, Said refuses believing the jury will see him as a criminal. Said then agrees to represent an inmate who claims he was unjustly convicted of murder. Because the other inmate is gay (and most likely guilty), the Muslims become angry at Said and begin to question his judgement. Said gets the inmate's conviction overturned but he wins no favors from Arif. After watching how bad things have gotten in Oz, Said convinces McManus to move him in with Adebisi and get evidence of Adebisi's errant behavior. Said moves in once the tapes are found, they are sent to Glynn who immediately fires Querns and reinstates McManus. While McManus announces inmate transfers, Adebisi becomes furious when his name's called. Adebisi angrily confronts Said and they begin fighting in their pod. Adebisi emerges from the pod, bloodied and stabbed with Said holding the knife.

Season 3

With his lawsuit against the state for the riot underway, Said meets Tricia Ross, slain inmate Scott Ross' sister. Although he professes otherwise, Said can't deny his attraction to her. To make matters worse, his sister berates him about this when she visits. Hamid Khan, the new Muslim in Oz, wrestles control from Said, claiming Said's vulnerabilities (attraction to Tricia Ross, including Beecher in study sessions) make him unfit to lead. Outcast from them, Said maintains his faith but gains a new ally in Beecher, who moves in with him. Weakened by these events, he breaks down, emotionally.

Season 2

The venerable leader of the Muslims became a straw that stirred many a "drink" last season. He mandates that the Muslims not participate in the representative system; his book about the riot gets published; and he assists Hill with an appeal that looked promising but was unsuccessful. After urging from McManus, Said secures a publishing deal for Poet, and becomes concerned as he watches Poet show his vulnerability, especially with drugs. Inmate Jiggy Walker convinces Said that he sold drugs to the Governor. Said in turn arranges for press leakage about the story, only to find out it is a hoax. (Ouch!) When Governor Devlin offers Said a pardon during the Ramadan Islamic holiday, Said refuses and chooses to stay in OZ, to the confusion of prison officials.

Season 1

The charismatic leader arrives to Oz ready to assume control of the Muslims and possibly all other inmates of color. Under the strain of his power, he faints and is told he has high blood pressure. He refuses medication fearin the medication would diminish his mental capacity. After the guards go on a rampage, beating inmates indiscriminately, Said decides to contact the press and convertly plan an act of agression that will force Warden Glynn to listen to the inmates' demands.

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