Jaz Hoyt

played by Evan Seinfeld

Character Bio

Season 6

Hoyt started by first killing Timmy Kirk during a fashion spread of death row inmates. This is something he says he was told to do by Rev. Cloutier. He also let's Dr. Mukada know that Cloutier's body was hidden away in the wall of the cafeteria and that the Bikers did it on orders and payment from Timmy Kirk. Kirk's mother finds this out and pays one of the Bikers to kill Hoyt while he recovers in the infirmary.

Season 5

Hoyt's wild ways seemed to catch up with him during this season. Hoyt comes to the Timmy Kirk's aid by choking Jim Burns with a barbell pole. Burns was "sent" to kill Timmy Kirk on "spiritual orders" from Rev. Cloutier. For his act, Hoyt gets thrown in the hole only to be visited by the spirit of Rev. Cloutier. Of course, this scares Hoyt. Later, Hoyt gets another visit from the missing Rev. who tells Hoyt that Timmy Kirk must die. With his orders his #1 priority, Hoyt finds Kirk and Father Mukada in the cafeteria. Hoyt instantly grabs a crucifix and impales Timmy Kirk with it. While in custody in the Warden's office, Hoyt confesses to a series of murders and is thrown on death row. Hoyt's the only inmate on death row and he starts to suffer from more "visions" of Cloutier, which scare him more and more.

Season 4 Part 2

Hoyt's gotten tighter with Robson and Schillinger and he's now doing strong-arm jobs with Robson and their intimidation schemes. Jaz assists Schillinger in intimidating Cloutier and Beecher and also accompanies Robson to make sure Leroy Tidd keeps his end of their deal to kill Said. When Hoyt's assigned to fix a kitchen wall, Timmy Kirk approaches him with an inventive plan to exact revenge on Cloutier. Hoyt and his crew then trap Cloutier behind the wall and construct the wall around him as he wails for help.

Season 4 Part 1

Gets a new podmate -- Tarrant-- who proves to be a weakling so Hoyt immediately begins intimidating him. Stanislofsky asks Hoyt and the bikers to eliminate new inmate Gulino whom Stanislofsky tricked into giving him an illegal cell phone. Hoyt and his crew do the job by injecting Gulino's jaw with heroin. (ick!) After new administrator Querns is hired, he starts transferring Em City white inmates to Unit B. Hoyt's one of the first to go and he gets furious. Once he arrives to Unit B, Hoyt hooks up with Schillinger and Robson to begin working schemes to combat this power shift.

Season 3

Out of the hole and back on track, Jaz is chosen to represent the bikers on Em City "council". During a meeting, he suggests that everyone donate their cash to Rebadow so his grandson can go to Sea World. The effort is successful as the majority of the inmates contribute.

Season 2

Biker for life, Jaz Hoyt enters Oz and is assigned to work in the mailroom with Schillinger. Ryan O'Reily first asks Jaz let a special package slip through the scanner. Jaz does but forgets that he's crossed Schillinger, who turns him in. He gets off but is pissed that Schillinger turned him in. O'Reily, sensing an opportunity to have Schillinger eliminated, asks Hoyt to shank Schillinger. Hoyt attempts the deed in the gym but gets beaten by Schillinger and thrown in the hole afterward.

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