Governor James Devlin

played by Zeljko Ivanek

Character Bio

Season 6

Governor Devlin got his power challenged when city politician threatened to expose the Governor's dirty dealings if he didn't arrange for the politician's quick release from Oz. Governor Deviln knew he couldn't get the politician out of Oz. What's worse is Devlin knew his political career wouldn't survive the media thrashing he'd get if his dirty history was revealed. To fix the dilemna, Devlin had his more than willing assistant arrange for the politician to be killed while in Oz. The plan was successful and all the loose ends tied up until Warden Glynn started investigating. When the search turned up an Oz guard on the take with ties to Devlin, the Governor begins to scramble. Soon after Warden Glynn's killed, McManus threatens to turn over all Glynn's evidence to the judiciary and continue the investigation. Although nothing was finalized, Governor Deviln knows when McManus decides to pursue something, it gets done. The question then becomes how long would it take before Devlin's inevitable fall.

Season 5

Governor Deviln started season 5 by dedicating the newly constructed Oz and hiring Ellie McConnor to work as his liasion on happenings at Oz. When Cyril O'Reily comes up on murder charges, he restates his support of the death penalty. Anti- death penalty protests erupt again and in the court of public opinion, the Gov's delivered a major defeat.

Season 4 Part 2

After getting shot by Clayton Hughes in an assassination attempt, the Governor's on the mend, so much so, he attends the annual correctional convention being held at Oz. Soon, Devlin comes into conflict with Sister Peter Marie about Giles' request to be stoned to death. The Governor is opposed and demands that Sister Peter convince Giles to select another form of death. She refuses and Devlin threatens to have another psychiatrist examine Giles and give an opinion more favorable to him. The case is appealed to the courts and Giles is allowed to remain alive until they decide.

Season 4 Part 2

It's re-election time and Gov. Devlin ask Warden Glynn asking to run as Lieutenant Governor. Glynn cautiously accepts. While making a speech, Gov. Devlin is shot by Clayton Hughes in an assassination attempt.

Season 3

The Governor hired a private firm to run Oz's prison hospital. When this new hospital director fired Dr. Nathan for defying him, she threatened to talk to the press about how the director's decision to discontinue Alvarez's medication almost causes the inmate's death. The Gov. intervened and rather than have another Oz scandal on his hands, he fired the director and reinstated Dr. Nathan.

Season 2

The governor was busy this season. He passed a law reinstating the death penalty, wormed out of implication in the Oz prison riot, cut funding for the prison GED program and avoided scandal when an inmate accused him of buying crack cocaine. To gain favor from his consituents, the Governor offered a pardon to Kareem Said during the Islamic holiday. However, Said saw through the Governor's ploy and refused the pardon during a press conference at the prison, which angered and humiliated the Governor.

Season 1

The Gov is a hardline politician who's only out to keep his job as long as he can. He simply wants things to run his way with no problems. That premise goes out the window when he orders conjugal visits and cigarette smoking banned in Oz. When Jefferson Keane is convicted of murder, he re-instates the death penalty and forces Warden Glynn to comply. Although Sister Peter leaves her job in her opposition to the execution, the Governor is pleased because his policies are being carried out. However, when the riot breaks out, he gets more than he bargained for.

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