Enrique Morales

played by David Zayas

Character Bio

Season 6

Morales' demeanor change continued this season as he was still leader of the Latinos.

Season 5

Upon learning his sister perished in the bus accident, Morales becomes introspective and tries to grieve for her. He discovers that she was coming to see him to report on her boyfriend's physical abuse of her. Knowing this, Morales calls the guy to Oz for a visit where Morales proceeds to beat him mercilessly. He continues leading the Latinos and forces Guerra to squash his beef with Alvarez. Gets into a scuffle with Redding who accused him of giving Hill the drugs. They both get thrown in the hole. Seizing an opportunity to consolidate his own power, Morales makes a pact with the new Italians arrivals to kill Redding only the deed goes wrong and Hill is stabbed by accident.

Season 4 Part 2

Sees Burr Redding's arrival as a threat and immediately devise plans to eliminate him. Morales convinces one of the Asian inmates that Redding wants to kill him and the Asian reports this to the Warden. After the Warden issues a warning to Redding, Morales viciously murders the Asian inmate with a box stapler. This angers McManus and Redding is charged with the murder and thrown in the cage. Meanwhile, Alvarez returns to Em City and Morales rebukes him. Morales then gets Allah to try and eliminate Redding only he also fails. McManus soon forces Morales and Redding declare a truce or Em City will remain on lockdown indefinitely. They agree only they secretly continue plotting each others demise. Morales kills Gallson by pushing him in an elevator shaft in a scuffle that was planned by Gallson on orders from Redding.

Season 4 Part 1

New inmate Desmond Mobay arrives wanting to join up and work in the drug trade. Morales works with Adebisi and Pancamo to put Mobay through a series of tests. Morales gives Mobay heroin to sniff with scary results

Season 3

Enrique comes to Oz and immediately plots to take control from Hernandez, whom he calls "old school". Strikes a plan with Pancamo to join the drug trade only if Morales eliminates Hernandez first. Morales convinces Rebadow to do the deed in exchange for anything Rebadow wants. Rebadow is successful and Morales becomes the Latino's leader.

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