Chucky Pancamo

played by Chuck Zito

Character Bio

Season 5

Chucky still leads the Italians and is still working with Morales to eliminate Burr Redding. Peter Schibetta returns from the psych ward ready to take control of the Italian crew only Chucky advises Peter that a plan's already underway. When Chucky gets stabbed in a fight with the Aryans, he's shuffled to the infirmary for a routine examination and patch-up. However, Chucky develops and bad staph infection that worsens with each day. He begins to weaken as the infection attacks his system. While this is happening, Peter Schibetta's failed attempt to exact revenge on the Aryans lands him back in the nfirmary. Pancamo worries about this but is more worried about his own health. Fearing his death may be eminent, Chucky turns to Sister Pete for spiritual guidance.

Season 4 Part 2

Goes along with Morales in attempt to eliminate Redding after Redding refuses to work with them. Chucky and Morales see Redding as a threat to their drug trade When Morales' plan backfires, he orders Morales to hurry up with other alternatives as time is critical.

Season 4 Part 1

Chucky's world mostly exists to keep the Italian's part of the drug trade moving. New inmate Gulino arrives and immediately gets on Chucky's bad side with when he discovers Gulino's not mobbed up. When Morales arrives, Chucky offers him Hernandez's end of the drug trade only if he kills Hernandez "quietly". The deed gets done and Chucky honors the deal.

Season 3

Chucky takes over control of daily operations after Nappa finds out he's HIV positive and is moved to the AIDS ward. Chucky isn't too happy when he gets word that Nappa's writing a tell-all book about their crimes and misdeeds. After getting hold of the disk containing the manuscript, Chucky orders a hit.

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