Burr Redding

played by Anthony Chisholm

Character Bio

Season 6

Burr Redding grieves hard and long after Augustus Hill is killed by one of the Italians. While Redding's dazed grief continues, Poet and the other homeboys try to keep control of the drug trade. Redding soon comes out of his grief with a new plan: the Homeboys will stop selling drugs and start working for the new telemarketing company that was setting up shop in Oz. They agree at first, but when Redding fires Poet for insubordination, Poet turns on him and takes the other Homeboys with him, leaving Redding without a workforce. Redding retaliates by having the Muslim's printing press destroyed. This forces the Homeboys back to Redding as they'd left him to join the Muslim's printing operation.

Season 5

As Hill prepares for his mother's funeral, Redding asks him to put a special gift on his mother's casket. In the meantime, Redding steadies his course to take over the drug trade by making two key moves. First, he convinces Morales to side with him to strengthen their numbers against the Italians. Next he gets control over the kitchen once the Italians become distracted with Pancamo in the hospital and Schibetta back in the psych ward. Redding arranges for Omar White to deliver drugs to another Gen Pop inmate while Omar practices his singing in a closet. All seems well until Redding discovers Hill returned to taking drugs. Furious Redding confronts Poet who tells him Busmalis saw who did the deed. Busmalis confirms that one of the Italians sold Hill the drugs so Redding has this Italian poisoned. The problem is that this tale is a lie and Redding finds this out and confronts Busmalis again. Still lying to protect Poet, Busmalis "corrects" and says Morales and the Latinos gave Hill the drugs. Redding attacks Morales and the two of them are thrown in the hole. Once they are released McManus makes Morales and Redding agree to a truce. They do but the distrust continues. Just as Hill has returned to Oz and he and Redding affirm their support for each other, Hill gets accidentally stabbed by an Italian, who was actually moving to shank Redding. Redding looks at Hill in horror and watches Hill, unable to help him.

Season 4 Part 2

Burr Redding comes to Oz and immediately takes over the gangsters' end of the drug trade. Redding draws Morales and Pancamo's ire after refusing a drug trade deal. After getting a tip, McManus warns Redding not to harm any of the Asian detainees. Unfortunately, Morales murders one of the Asians and McManus accuses Redding of the deed and puts him in the cage. Redding knows he's been set up and let's Morales know that he knows it. This begins an uneasy war between Redding and Pancamo & Morales. Meanwhile, Redding tells Hill that Supreme Allah was responsible for Hill getting pinched by the cops and ultimately brought to Oz. After a foiled attempt to have Pancamo and Morales killed, McManus puts Oz on lockdown and tells Redding, Panacmo and Morales to declare a truce or else. Redding discovers that Hill squealed of Redding's plan and Redding banishes Hill from the gangsters. Hill redeems himself by setting up Supreme Allah's poisoning so he and Redding reconcile.

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