Bob Rebadow

played by George Morfogen

Character Bio

Season 5

Rebadow's troubles grow when his family informs him that his grandson's condition is worsening. Distraught but eager to help, he begins the search for more medical intervention. His research reveals an exotic mixture that could at least prolong the boy's life. Trouble is getting it requires lots of cash for more testing. Rebadow decides to play the lottery by having Officer Brass pay the money and play the numbers Rebadow selects. The numbers win and Rebadow is thrilled. Trouble is, Brass claims the million dollars for himself and quits his job at Oz. Rebadow is left with no recourse and continues to look for other medical alternatives. With McManus' help, he finds an Oz inmate with the exact genetic history as his grandson. He meets the inmate to hopefully convince him to submit to tests only, the inmate vehemently rebukes Rebadow. Sullen and defeated, Rebadow gets permission to visit his grandson one last time. On a night of a violent rainstorm, lightning strikes and causes a brief electical blackout. The next morning, McManus tells Rebadow that his grandson died during that blackout.

Season 4 Part 2

He and Busmalis get in trouble for another tunnel Busmalis created. He then goes to plead for Busmalis to be married and then to explain how the tunnel was being filled in after Glynn gave Busmalis permission to get married. Suffers an attack with a horrible brain tumor, which scares Busmalis terribly.

Season 4 Part 1

Morales comes to him to propose that he kill Hernandez. Rebadow accepts the offer. Soon Rebadow's moved into Hernandez's pod and does the deed at night while Hernandez's sleeps. Rebadow returns to Morales asking for permission and protection to kill someone else. Morales refuses the permission but offers protection. Rebadow finally decides to kill Busmalis and stabs him. Busmalis lives but Rebadow's taken to the hole.

Season 3

After suffering a severe fainting spell, Rebadow gets diagnosed with diabetes and now requires daily treatments. This scary episode, and a visit from his mother, make him seriously wonder about his mortality. He then decides to reach out to his estranged son and grandson. The son and grandson come to visit, giving Rebadow new happiness.

Season 2

Upon sharing information of his son's request to go to Disneyworld, the inmates take up a collection to pay for the trip. Bob's new pod-mate, Agamemnon Busmalis aka "The Mole" settles in and immediately enlists Rebadow's support and silence about his new project -- an escape tunnel. Soon two Aryans discover the tunnel and force Rebadow and Busmalis to switch pods so they can escape, only to die trying when the tunnel collapses.

Season 1

Rebadow's probably Oz's oldest inmate. He was spared execution when a power outage caused the electric chair to fail. Since then, he believes God talks directly to him about all things. He pretty much keeps to himself offering comments about happenings only when asked. He does accidentally get information about the Keane cover-up and when the CO's find out, they try to coerce him with a beating. He spends time in the Oz infirmary only to become disoriented and confused.

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