Augustus Hill

played by Harold Perrineau

Character Bio

Season 5

While anxiously awaiting a visit from his mother, Hill finds out that the bus accident has claimed her life along with the lives of other inmate family members. Soon afterwards, he signs up for a seeing eye dog training program which initially takes his mind off his grief. Hill later receives a letter from explaining that she is filing for divorce. The anger over the impending divorce and grief over his mother's death consume him, so much he starts using drugs that are secretly supplied by Poet. This return to drug abuse takes it's toll on Hill so much so, he passes out. Once in the infirmary, Dr. Nathan discovers the toxic levels of heroin in his system. She then sends him to Benchley Memorial hospital as his infection worsens. Hill recovers but is met with anger from McManus who demands Hill disclose who supplied the drugs. Hill refuses but vows to never take drugs again. Furthermore, he comforts Redding, who expresses how concerned he was about Hill during the illness. Hill thanks him and promises to always back Redding up. As Hill and Redding leave, one of the Italians attempts to stab Redding only Hill blocks the path and gets stabbed. As Hill lay on the floor bloodied and near death, he whispers to McManus that he can feel his legs.

Season 4 Part 2

Burr Redding tells Hill that Supreme Allah was responsible for Hill's plight. Hill then confronts Allah about this and Allah beats Hill. Soon Redding issues an ultimatum to eliminate all inmates he feels are his enemies. Hill questions Redding's decision to start eliminating prisoners and takes action by informing Murphy of the plan which results in a lockdown. Later, Hill finds out that Vahue's up for parole so he alerts his victim so she can testify at the hearing. This of course nixes Vahue's parole chances. Hill gets caught with drugs during a shakedown and he must defend himself saying it was a plant. Supreme Allah comes to Hill to get him to kill Redding only Hill refuses with another plan. He gets medical info on Allah and has Allah poisoned. Redding's thankful and invites Hill back to his flock to sell drugs only Hill refuses.

Season 4 Part 1

Reconizes Mobay's girl as possible cop thus arousing suspicion about Mobay. Mobay convinces Hill to accompany him to a meeting but Hill winds up witnessing Mobay pushing Goergen down elevator shaft. One night while lying in bed, Hill hears Mobay talk in his regular voice (not the Jamaican accent) and Hill's suspicions deepen. He also watches as Mobay descends into drug addiction. Burr Redding, Hill's mentor from the corner arrives to Oz and they do some bonding.

Season 3

After hearing new inmate Coyle tell how he senselessly murdered an entire family, Hill decides to tell Warden Glynn. Hill's conflicted because he's not a snitch, but Coyle (who's in for robbery) has no remorse about the killings. After testifying to the DA, Hill gets transferred to protective custody but he still has doubts about his safety. In a quirky twist of prison justice, Coyle is brutally hacked to death in retaliation for his awful crime. A lockdown is imposed on the prisoners along with a new rule: no skin mags for anyone! Hill's new issue arrives and he's pissed when it's taken away from him. Adebisi gets the mag back for him, but Hill gets caught with it and is thrown in solitary.

Season 2

After discovering his lawyer was sentenced to jail-time for accepting bribes, Augustus decides to appeal for a new trial -- and maybe a swift release. Said assists Hill by representing him at the hearing, claiming that Hill was a victim of a scam. But the argument is deemed unproved and their appeal is struck down. Bitter and angry, Hill seizes an opportunity while working in the morgue to make his escape -- in a coffin.

Season 1

Augustus Hill's a former crack addict who's in Oz for his time selling it and other varieties of drugs. He keeps cautious distance from the other inmates. He spends his time working in the dress factory, going to group therapy sessions and dispensing advice to Beecher and other new inmates on how best to get along. Sister Pete arranges a conjugal visit for him which provides brief moment of happiness for him. However, he's still worried about keeping his marriage together because he loves his wife so much.

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