Antonio Nappa

played by Mark Margolis

Character Bio

Season 3

Nappa discovers he's HIV positive and can't understand why since he didn't have sex and never used needles. He's immediately moved to the AIDS ward and turns daily operations over to Chucky. Faced with his own mortality, he decides to write his memoirs naming names and past Mafia deeds. Naturally, the Italians are pissed once they get wind of this. Nappa's new cellmate offers to help with the book. Once the draft is completed, the diskette is supposed to be sent to the publisher only it ends up with Chucky, who immediately destroys it and gives an order. While sleeping, Nappa's suffocated by his cellmate.

Season 2

Upon arrving to Oz, he immediately took over operations. Soon Adebisi starts changing after coming under Jara's influence and naturally, that affects the drug trade, pissing off Wangler and Nappa. Nappa decides that Jara must be eliminated to get Adebisi back to normal. He gives the order and Kenny carries out the killing but the deed has opposite effects, as Adebisi is sent to the psych ward in a rage of grief and confusion.

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