Agamemnon Busmalis

played by Tom Mardirosian

Character Bio

Season 6

Busmalis' world continues in Oz only this season, Norma pays another visit to talk with him. He still is hesitant but sees her anyway. She fully explains what happened and that she still loves him and wants to marry him. He agrees and they do marry. After meeting Norma's daughter, Busmalis decides he wants to father a child and goes about getting information. McManus sets a meeting for him with the prison board but they deny his request since conjugal visits are no longer allowed for Oz inmates. He gets furious and lashes out at the prison representative. This behavior gets Busmalis thrown into solitary, which scares him.

Season 5

To take his mind off of being left at the altar by Norma, Busmalis starts a letter-writing campaign to get "Miss Sally's Schoolyard" renewed. Although he uses "suspect" names and signatures on his letters, he does get a letter from the station explaining how the show is being replaced by "Sallycise". Busmalis then gets a letter from Norma asking him to see her when she visits. He's excited at the idea of seeing her as he's sure she'll explain why she bailed on their wedding. As he approaches her in the visiting room she's also happy to see him but as she stands up, she reveals her pregnancy. Repulsed by this, Busmalis leaves the visiting room without a word. Next he turns his attentions to support Rebadow's quest to save his grandson's life. Busmalis signs up for the new arts education program taught by Suzanne Fitzgerald. He's so good, she convinces him to perform in the Oz Variety Show. While Busmalis returns to his regular routine, Guerra forces Busmalis to lie to Redding claiming the Italians sold Hill the drugs.

Season 4 Part 2

Busmalis hooks up with Ms. Sally's assistant and asks her to marry him. She agrees and now Busmalis has to get permission from Glynn to marry. Glynn agrees only if Busmalis agrees not to ever dig another tunnel. Problem is, Busmalis already has a new tunnel underway and as he goes to fill the tunnel in, he hits a water pipe and water explodes everywhere. He's sent to solitary for this but is only allowed to proceed with his wedding after Rebadow pleads his case before Glynn. Unfortunately, his bride doesn't show up and he's left confused.

Season 4 Part 1

While on duty in the infirmary Busmalis tells Alvarez of his escape plans. Soon he and Alvarez make their move only Busmalis gets caught stalking Miss Sally's home. Gets recruited to play basketball on Vahue's team in the inmates vs. guards/staff game of course he's awful but he scores the final winning shot for he and Vahue.

Season 3

While cleaning a window, Busmalis gets attacked by Metzger as revenge for the two Aryans that were killed escaping in Busmalis' tunnel. This puts Busmalis in the infirmary for a few days. Once he's recovered, he runs into Vern Schillinger who starts tormenting him by making him eat food that Schillinger spits in. He and Rebadow continue their friendship only Busmalis can't seem to shake his need to dig escape tunnels. Because of this, he starts a new one which worries Rebadow.

Season 2

Immediately after arriving at OZ and moving into Rebadow's pod, Busmalis begins his handiwork -- creating a new escape tunnel in their pod. He even gives the tunnel a name: Mary. Once he and Rebadow are forced out of the pod by two Aryans, they immediately try to use the tunnel, only to be killed when the tunnel collapses on them.

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