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Season 01

Ep 6: Counterpunch

Las Vegas: Destiny takes a hand, and the Manny Pacquiao drama is reinvented.

Ep 6: Counterpunch Ep 6: Counterpunch

Ep 5: Trilogy

As the calendar closes in on fight night, Freddie pushes for perfection.

Ep 5: Trilogy Ep 5: Trilogy

Ep 4: Entourage

Off to another world, where Roach sits at the throne of a king.

Ep 4: Entourage Ep 4: Entourage

Ep 3: Amateurs

Roach takes on a seemingly lost cause, U.S. Olympic Boxing.

Ep 3: Amateurs Ep 3: Amateurs

Ep 2: The Wild Card

A routine day at the Wild Card Gym is suddenly thrown into chaos.

Ep 2: The Wild Card Ep 2: The Wild Card

Ep 1: Body Blow

Introduction to the life of Freddie Roach, boxing trainer and Parkinson's patient.

Ep 1: Body Blow Ep 1: Body Blow