Tom Bell

A prolific and award-winning British actor and comedian, Tom has brought his talents of improvisation and comic timing to a range of wildly varied projects.

His credits include the Emmy Award-winning 'Hatfield and McCoys,' the Golden Globe-winning 'Episodes', Comedy Central’s 'Big Bad World' and the lead in 'Killer Moves,' a TV pilot that won the Critic’s Choice award at the 2013 New York Television Festival.

As a live comedy performer, Tom has taken eight full length solo comedy shows to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as three more as part of 'Tommy and the Weeks,' his double act with fellow Brit and 'Leisure Class' actor, Ed Weeks (shows which spawned two TV pilots.) He is one of the regular cast of the hugely successful London comedy night 'The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society' which also had its own TV pilot.

Tom has also carved an unlikely niche playing robots and aliens. He braved prosthetics to create the character of Ludus, host of the hit BBC game show of the same name and as Jathro for every series of Russell T. Davies’s 'Wizards vs Aliens.' Most recently he starred as Bob the Robot, host of ITV’s 'Horrible Science' and as a "Synthetic" in AMC’s 'Humans.' Tom also snuck into 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' helping to bring to life a range of different characters for their Creature FX department.

Tom was one of the leads in the original short film version of 'The Leisure Class.' The feature version sees him reunited with Ed Weeks for the first time in over four years, their last roles together being slightly less glamorous, as a giant Greek prawn and a Scottish dog for kid’s TV.

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