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View from hall


[Merideth Boswell, Production Designer] "These are four of a dozen different views. I started fleshing out the room with really simple blocks of furniture. We had the kitchen in other places, we had it moved around, we had it square. This is just one example of how we approached it so I could give Tommy Lee Jones what he needed to help us both make decisions."



[Merideth Boswell, Production Designer] "We started sending drawings back and forth before I got to town because once I hit Santa Fe, I had three days before hammers needed to start clanging. This image started our discussion of whether we wanted to be all monochromatic or start punching in color -- as well as the critical placement of windows. I knew I could only do one backing [the scenery outside the window], which is expensive to light." 

Overhead view


[Merideth Boswell, Production Designer] "Size was really important, and whether the camera was going to leave the room. Tommy felt strongly that it would not, so we had to keep that in mind, but we didn't want the apartment to be so large it was preposterous for New York."

Overview with backing

Overhead With Backing

[Merideth Boswell, Production Designer] "This was a functional drawing to figure out logistics - we wanted to see out the window. And we had a really raw exposure because Black didn't strike me as the kind of guy who had curtains. I couldn't see that, nor could Sam. I tried to put just a few more things in the apartment to develop his character, but Sam kept saying, 'The junkies would have stolen that.' Every single thing needed to be important."

The Sunset Limited

HBO Films

Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson star in a two-character drama that examines the relationship between strangers who are brought together by desperate circumstances.