Christopher Plummer


Christopher Plummer (John Harlan II) is a Best Supporting Actor Oscar® winner for “Beginners” and a Tony Award winner for the musicals “Cyrano” and “Barrymore.” His other film credits include “The Man Who Would Be King,” “Battle of Britain,” “Waterloo,” “The Fall of The Roman Empire,” “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country,” “Twelve Monkeys,” the Oscar®-winning “The Sound of Music,” the Oscar®-nominated “The Insider,” the Oscar®-winning “A Beautiful Mind,” “Man in the Chair,” “Must Love Dogs,” “National Treasure,” “Syriana” and “Inside Man.” Plummer’s TV appearances include the Emmy®-winning BBC presentation “Hamlet at Elsinore” and the Emmy®-winning productions “The Thornbirds,” “Nuremberg” and “Little Moon of Alban.” Plummer has won two Emmys® and received six other Emmy® nominations.