Watch the Trailer to Help Treat a Child

Make sure to watch HBO Films' Mary and Martha movie trailer - for every video view over the next month, Malaria No More will provide a full course of treatment for a child with malaria.

Learn More About The Malaria Challenge

A child dies from malaria every minute, making malaria one of the top killers of children on the planet. Read more about malaria and why it’s the disease we need to work together to beat.

See the Tools in the Malaria Fight

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease and the world is better prepared to defeat this disease now than ever before. Learn about the available tools in the malaria fight.

Support Malaria No More’s Life-Saving Work

Support Malaria No More’s work, from mobilizing tools to providing health education and more. Help make ending malaria deaths our generation’s greatest humanitarian achievement.

Take Other Actions in the Malaria Fight

Any action, big or small, will get Malaria No More and the world closer to near zero malaria deaths. Be a part of the Malaria No More movement and sign up now to start making a real difference.

Watch Mary and Martha

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