Saddam's Family Chronology

April 28, 1937
Saddam Hussein was born into poverty in Al Awja, near the village of Tikrit. Fatherless, he was brought up by his mother and cruel step-father.

He left home at age 10 to live with his maternal uncle, Khairallah Tulfah. His uncle had been imprisoned for taking part in an anti British uprising and Saddam was influenced by his anti Western, anti Zionist politics.

At 18 he moves to Baghdad with Khairallah and family (which included Sajida, Khairallah's daughter). In Baghdad, he joins the Ba'th Party.

After a failed assassination attempt, Saddam flees to Damascus disguised as a woman and then moves to Cairo where he remains in exile.

Saddam returns to Baghdad and marries Sajida. Whilst in exile in Cairo, he had become engaged to her. This was an arranged marriage as Khairallah had promised his daughter to him since childhood.

Uday Hussein is born.

Qusay Hussein is born.

Raghad Hussein is born.

Rana Hussein is born.

Hala Hussein is born.

Saddam arranges the marriage of 16 year old Raghad to Hussein Kamel Al Majid. This angers his half-brother Barzan as he had hoped his son would marry her. This marks the start of a family feud between the Al Majids and the Al Ibrahims that was to last for years. The angry Barzan leaves the country for Switzerland where he becomes the Iraqi UN Ambassador.

Qusay Hussein marries Sahar Abdul Rashid, daughter of an Iraqi war hero. This is the first marriage out of the immediate family although it's a politically motivated one bringing the family closer to deposed President Al Bakr's. They have two children and then separate.

Saddam arranges the marriage of his second daughter Rana to Saddam Kamel Al Majid (Hussein Kamel's younger brother). This further angers the Al Ibrahims.

Samira Shahbandar the beautiful blonde wife of the General Manager of Iraqi Airways divorces her husband. She then marries Saddam becoming his second wife. They have one son, Ali (date unknown). Sajida has a nervous breakdown.

Ali Hassan Al Majid, Saddam's cousin, makes the name Chemical Ali for himself after leading the Special Forces in the killing of 100,000 Kurds in northern Iraq. His nickname derives from his use of nerve and mustard gas on the town of Halabja.

Trying to make amends with the Al Ibrahims, Saddam arranges for Barzan's daughter, Saja, to marry his son Uday. They marry and days later Saja runs away from her new husband to her mother-in- law, Sajida's house. The sadistic Uday has beat her. After a few months she officially separates from Uday and returns to her family in Geneva.

October 1988
Uday kills Saddam's personal valet, Kamel Hanna, at a public party. Kamel Hanna had introduced Saddam to Samira. Saddam is furious when he learns of the private activities of his psychopathic son. Uday is imprisoned, stripped of titles, and banished to Geneva (he later gets deported back to Baghdad). Qusay becomes Saddam's favoured son.

May 5, 1989
Saddam has his brother-in-law and closest childhood friend, Adnan Khairallah, killed in a helicopter crash. Sajida learns the truth of her brother's death and becomes estranged from Saddam.

August 1995
Uday shoots his uncle Watban in the leg with an automatic weapon. Fearing they are next, Saddam's sons-in-law, Hussein and Saddam Kamel defect to Jordan taking their wives and families with them. This is Saddam's biggest betrayal.

February 1996
Hussein Kamel has a nervous breakdown. The defectors return to Iraq with their wives and children. They are forced to divorce their wives. Ali Hassan Al Majid (Chemical Ali) leads an attack upon the house they are occupying. Both sons-in-law are killed.

July 22, 2003
Troops of the 101st Airborne, aided by Special Forces kill Uday, Qusay, and Qusay's 14 yr old son during a raid on a home near Mosul. They are buried in a cemetery in Tikrit.

December 13, 2003
Saddam is captured by the 4th Infantry Division, aided by Special Forces, hiding in a bolthole in the ground on a farm not far from his native village of Tikrit.

December 30, 2006
Saddam Hussein is executed.

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