"What I Like About Hemingway," by Susan Beegel

The Kansas City Star, June 27, 1999

Susan Beegel, editor of The Hemingway Review and a consultant on the film, praises Hemingway's writing for its attention to truth and humanity: "His language is sometimes as coarse as a woolen hunting shirt and sometimes as breathtakingly beautiful as our rough, wild land, but always it rings true."

"Woman of Letters," by Francine du Plessix Gray

The New York Times Book Review, August 27, 2006

Noted biographer Francine du Plessix Gray reviews Caroline Moorehead's compilation of the 'Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn.' (Moorehead served as a consultant on the film.)

"What makes this book a literary landmark is that Gellhorn's prose, splendid enough in her 13 published books of fiction, travel writing and reportage, is at its finest in the letter form," said Gray.

"Tracking Hemingway"

The Atlantic Monthly, July 21, 1999

On the occasion of Ernest Hemingway's centennial year, the Atlantic Monthly sifted through its archives and highlighted the stories that have appeared about Hemingway in its pages, spanning the years 1939 to 1983.

Said James Atlas in 1983: "I never knew when he would soar and when he would lapse into the fabled macho pose that has proved so irresistible to parody.... But there is something moving about this uneven achievement; Hemingway's tremendous vulnerability and his dogged efforts to master it, to push on at whatever cost, gave his life and work a terrible pathos...."

"Remembering Martha Gellhorn"

The Atlantic Monthly, March 11, 1998

The Atlantic Monthly pays tribute to Martha Gellhorn, a sometime contributor, after her passing in February 1998: "These articles, we hope, will help demonstrate that Gellhorn was a writer and reporter deserving of serious attention in her own right, not just a woman once married to a famous man."

"Clash of the Titans: When Orson Welles Met Ernest Hemingway to Narrate 'The Spanish Earth' " by Lawrence French

Wellesnet, July 18, 2007

A compilation of (conflicting) recollections regarding Orson Welles' meetings with Ernest Hemingway, including their encounter in May 1937 when Welles arrived to narrate 'The Spanish Earth.'

"Memory," by Martha Gellhorn

The Independent, December 15, 1996

While sitting in a hotel in Egypt, Martha Gellhorn's memory returns her to the Spanish Civil War. "E. suddenly appeared beside us wearing an ugly, shark smile, the first time I had seen it. He addressed Modesto as `Mi General', already offensive, the style in the old monarchist army. He suggested that they hold in their teeth the opposite ends of his bandana handkerchief, now pulled from his pocket, and settle this matter by playing Russian roulette since they were now among Russians, two revolvers, one bullet in each chamber," she wrote.

"The Hero of the Code"

Time Magazine, July 14, 1961

Time Magazine remembered Ernest Hemingway in the weeks following his death. Part obituary, part biography, the piece also discusses his repeated use of the Code Hero: "The Code Hero is both a little snobbish and a little vague, but the test of the code is courage, and the essence of the code is conduct. Conduct, in Hemingway, is sometimes a question of how one behaves honorably toward another man or woman. More often, it is a question of how the good professional behaves within the rules of a game or the limits of a craft."

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