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Little Edie sitting on wood chair

Little Edie standing with brooch on

Little Edie walking down runway

Little Big Edie looking at each other by beach

Little Edie running white dress

Big Edie sitting on piano hands on chest

Little Big Edie stand by each other smiling

Little Big Edit in black sitting in bed

Little Edie close up large straw hat

Little Edie cloth over head looking at camera

Big Edie red white blue large hat

Little Big Edie together looking into camera

House in good condition

House in bad condition

Interior shot

Old cans

Grey Gardens

HBO Films

In 1973, filmmakers Albert and David Maysles entered the strange world of "Big Edie" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale...

  • Making Grey Gardens

    The creators of Grey Gardens traveled decades in time to envision the lives of Little Edie and Big Edie. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes now.

  • Drew and Jessica One on One

    Get the inside story from Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange about their starring roles in Grey Gardens.

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