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The Story

Little Edie sitting on wood chair

This photo of Little Edie was taken at a 1935 riding show. "I love the hat," says writer/director/producer Michael Sucsy. "It really echoes the hat we did in the movie. This was definitely still her heyday. She was 17 and hadn't debuted yet. I think she had some trepidations about her future at this point, but the world was still full of promise."

Little Edie standing with brooch on

Little Edie always had an affinity for brooches (the one shown in this photo was handed down to her relatives after she died). Throughout the Maysles documentary, she wore a different piece, which a fan replicated and later lent to the production for Drew Barrymore to use in the film.

Little Edie walking down runway

A young Little Edie takes the runway at a fashion show, which was likely held as a fundraiser. "The Hamptons now are full of models, advertising people and celebrities," says Sucsy, "but it wasn't like that then. They had the Ladies Village Improvement Society, which would have these kinds of charity events." The original script included a fashion-show scene in which Edie's dress gets damaged and she solves the problem by wrapping another girl's cape around herself as a skirt.

Little Big Edie looking at each other by beach

This mother-daughter shot came from the family archives-a find by Sucsy that unearthed a trove of new information about the ladies, including photos, letters, diaries and poetry from Little Edie's early years. "I almost flipped off my seat," he says. "It was never-before-seen stuff. Even the family hadn't seen it all yet."

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