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HBO: Grey Gardens: Cast & Crew


Drew Barrymore Little Edie Beale 1930s smiling

as "Little Edie" Beale

Jessica Lange Big Edie Beale 1930s measuring tape

as "Big Edie" Beale

Malcolm Gets George Gould Strong in house

as George "Gould" Strong

Daniel Baldwin Julius Cap Krug suit and tie 1940s

as Julius "Cap" Krug

Ken Howard Phelan Beale in grey hat and suit 1930s

as Phelan Beale

Jeanne Tripplehorn Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis large sunglasses

as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Michael Sucsy

Director, Writer, Executive Producer

David Coatsworth


Lucy Barzun Donnelly

Executive Producer

Rachael Horovitz

Executive Producer

Grey Gardens

HBO Films