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Empire Falls


This two-part miniseries event tells the humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants, whose lives are deeply rooted in and influenced by the Knox River and its vacant mills, their class differences, and ghosts of the past.

At the center of the story is Miles Roby (Ed Harris), for whom the promising opportunities of youth have given way to the demands of family obligations, especially those concerning his cantankerous father Max (Paul Newman) and impressionable daughter Tick (Danielle Panabaker).

Unable to escape the town or the dominating shadow of Francine Whiting (Joanne Woodward), who owns the restaurant he runs, Miles copes with a recent divorce from wife Janine (Helen Hunt) while piecing together the shared events that shaped the lives (revealed in flashbacks) of his mother Grace (Robin Wright Penn) and Francine's late husband C.B. (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Through Miles' experiences, Empire Falls pays tribute to the resilience of lifelong friends and neighbors, inextricably bound for generations into a rich and varied social fabric.

Empire Falls stars Ed Harris (The Hours, The Truman Show, Apollo 13 and Pollock), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Cold Mountain, Magnolia, Almost Famous, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Happiness), Helen Hunt (Best Actress Oscar® for As Good as It Gets, Cast Away, Twister), Paul Newman (Best Actor Oscar® for The Color of Money, Road to Perdition, Nobody's Fool), Robin Wright Penn (White Oleander, Forrest Gump, The Princess Bride), Aidan Quinn (Desperately Seeking Susan, Stakeout, Legends of the Fall, Michael Collins) and Joanne Woodward (Oscar® for The Three Faces of Eve, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Rachel, Rachel). The cast also includes Kate Burton (Unfaithful, Swimfan), Jeffery DeMunn (The Green Mile), Dennis Farina (Law & Order, Snatch), William Fichtner (Black Hawk Down, The Perfect Storm), Estelle Parsons (The Love Letter, Looking for Richard) and Theresa Russell (Luckytown, Running Woman), as well as rising talents Danielle Panabaker (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Bernie Mac Show), Lou Taylor Pucci (Sundance winner for Thumbsucker, Personal Velocity) and Trevor Morgan (Mean Creek, The Glass House).

Directed by Fred Schepisi (Plenty, Roxanne, The Russia House, The Devil's Playground). Executive producers are Schepisi and Newman, along with Scott Steindorff (The Human Stain) and Marc Platt (Wicked, Legally Blonde). Produced by William Teitler (The Polar Express, Jumanji).

HBO Films presents a Marc Platt/Aspetuck Productions, Ltd./ Stone Village Pictures Production A Film by Fred Schepisi EMPIRE FALLS Ed Harris Philip Seymour Hoffman Helen Hunt Paul Newman Robin Wright Penn Aidan Quinn Joanne Woodward Casting Avy Kaufman, C.S.A. Music Supervisor Evyen J Klean Music by Paul Grabowsky Editor Kate Williams Production Designer Stuart Wurtzel Director of Photography Ian Baker Produced by William Teitler Executive Producers Paul Newman, Scott Steindorff, Fred Schepisi, Marc Platt Based on the novel by Richard Russo Screenplay by Richard Russo Directed by Fred Schepisi

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