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young Miles with Grace Roby reading paper

C.B. Whiting/Charlie Mayne Grace Roby in white convertible

Tick Roby and Miles Roby diner

Walt Comeau arm wrestles Miles Roby

Tick Roby, Max Roby and Miles Roby

Francine Whiting smiling outdoors

David Roby in diner

Max Roby at bar

Miles Roby arm around Tick Roby in aprons

Charlene looking up

Miles Roby in tan jacket

Bea on phone in bar

Francine Whiting stern expression pearls

Janine Roby and Walt Comeau at wedding

young Miles with Grace Robyon boat

Empire Falls

HBO Films

The humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants...

  • Interview with Paul Newman

    The one thing that we determined that was critical was to have the epic quality of the river, and the history, and the sense at the end of completion." Read the full interview with Paul Newman.

  • Empire Falls on DVD

    Purchase your copy at the HBO Shop® now.

  • Interview with Richard Russo

    "It interested me that a man in middle age could be trapped by a couple of different kinds of love. One of which resides in the past, and the other in the future." Read the full interview now.