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Elizabeth Robert Dudley and another man look at map

Elizabeth and Robert Dudley looking in each others eyes

Elizabeth in group on balcony

Elizabeth with elbow on wall

Sir Francis Walsingham

Lord Burghley in chair

Elizabeth with prayer hands

Robert Dudley at window

Mary Queen of Scots with dog

Elizabeth outside in hat smiling

Elizabeth Robert Dudley and Robert Devereaux in armor soldiers behind

Robert Devereaux with cup

Knight in armor on ground

Elizabeth at Robert Dudley's bedside

Elizabeth in white gown in crowd

Elizabeth I

HBO Films

The intersection of the private and public life of Elizabeth I in the latter half of her reign...

  • Interview with Helen Mirren

    She knew that her body as a woman was also a political body. It was something to be bought and sold politically." Read more in our exclusive interview with Helen Mirren.

  • Interview with Nigel Williams

    Screenwriter Nigel Williams shares his thoughts about the religious conflicts of the era which affected both the personal and political sides of Elizabeth's life and reign.

  • Elizabeth I on DVD

    Purchase your copy at the HBO Shop® now.