Past, present and future collide in this spectacular, one-of-a-kind film from the creators of "The Matrix" trilogy and the director of "Run Lola Run." Covering a vast expanse of time, the film ponders the ultimate question: are we all connected? The answer arrives in the form of six diverse, but intertwined storylines that traverse time from our recent past to a dystopian future.

An all-star cast headlined by Tom Hanks and Halle Berry play multiple roles throughout this epic tale. Co-starring Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Doona Bae, Ben Whishaw, James D'Arcy, Zhou Xun, Keith David with Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. Written for the screen and directed by Lana Wachowski & Tom Tykwer & Andy Wachowski, based on the novel by David Mitchell.

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