NCAI: National Congress of American Indians

Since 1944, the National Congress of American Indians has been working to inform the public and Congress on the governmental rights of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

American Indian Business Association

American Indian College Fund

Association of American Indian Physicians

American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Americans for Indian Opportunity

Catching The Dream, formerly known as the Native American Scholarship

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Council of Energy Resource Tribes

First Nations Development Institute

Indian land Tenure Foundation

Indian Law Resource Center

Institute for Indian Estate Planning and Probate

Intertribal Agriculture Council

InterTribal Bison Cooperative

Intertribal Timber Council

Intertribal Trust Fund Monitoring Association

National American Indian Court Judges Association

National American Indian Housing Council

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers

National Council of Urban Indian Health

National Indian Business Association

National Indian Council on Aging

National Indian Education Association

National Indian Health Board

National Indian Justice Center

National Native American AIDS Prevention Center

National Native American Law Enforcement Association

National Tribal Environmental Council

National Tribal Justice Resource Center

Native American Boys and Girls Club of America

Native American Contractors

Native American Finance Officers Association

Native American Fish & Wildlife Society

Native American Journalists Association

Native American Rights Fund

Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Inc.

The Indigenous Language Institute

The Institute for Tribal Government-The Hatfield School of Government

Tribal Child Care Technical Assistance Center

United National Indian Tribal Youth (Unity)

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