'Big Momma' is dragged out of mothballs when FBI man Martin Lawrence must go undercover-in a girls school-in this third hilarious installment in the series. With vital evidence hidden somewhere within the stalwart institution, it's up to the ever-naughty Lawrence and his precocious son Trent (Brandon T. Jackson) to don ladies garb and pass themselves off as 'Big Momma' and her grand-niece 'Charmaine.' But finding a missing flash drive that implicates a devious Russian mobster is not so easy when they find themselves surrounded by a scantily clad student body. Jessica Lucas co-stars as a pretty student who catches Trent's eye.

Directed by John Whitesell; screenplay by Matthew Fogel, based on the characters created by Darryl Quarles, story by Don Rhymer and Matthew Fogel.

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