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Behind the Candelabra - Production Slideshow

Liberace home facade

The driveway of Liberaces Las Vegas home, shot on location in Bel Air. Liberaces original home, which was fashioned from three tract houses that were put together and had a Mansard roof that tied them together. Best described as a French Provincial ranch house. The car in the right foreground is a vintage English taxicab provided by the Liberace Museum.

Michael Douglas as Liberace in bedroom

This built set was for the bedroom of Liberaces Las Vegas home. This room is very closely modeled off research of the actual bedroom. Main features are the ceiling mural inspired by the The Sistine Chapel, walls covered in Champaign moiré silk and flooring of powder blue carpet that Scott Thorson describes in his 1988 book.

Liberace fireplace with portrait of mom

Fireplace of the bedroom set for Liberaces Las Vegas home. The portrait of Debbie Reynolds as Liberaces mother was based on a portrait that was in the Liberace Museum collection. Here also is an example of Liberaces love of mirroring surfaces. The mirrored walls became a motif for all the interiors. So much so that in some cases the film crew had to be digitally removed from some of the angles.

Liberace marble bathroom

A Grecian style tub was the focal point of the master bathroom set of Liberaces Las Vegas home. In looking to have a custom made tub stopper, Libby Morris discovered the son of the man who fabricated the original tub for Liberace. Fortunately the molds for the tub and the Grecian columns still existed so they could be exactly reproduced. The bell at the foot of the tub belonged to Liberace, and was placed as he had it perhaps to summon the houseboy.

Portrait of Liberace on wall with angels

Portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace, painted on the ceiling of the master bath set of his Las Vegas home. Based on the original that graced the ceiling just beyond the tub. The ceiling mural of clouds also featured cherubs and piano keys.

Liberace bedroom

Decorator Barbra Munch Cameron had much of the furniture in this bedroom set custom-fabricated based on the research photos of Liberaces Las Vegas bedroom. All the furnishing where placed just as they had been in the original room, based on extensive video research.

Liberace living room

The living room of Liberaces Las Vegas home. This location is the home of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. The turn of the century Chandeliers were brought in and rigged from the second floor with steel i-beams because of their extreme weight.

Liberace living room

Another view of the Las Vegas living room. Set decorator Barbra Munch Cameron had these twin sofas made, based on the Liberace original, complete with the French cotton Eyelash" fabric. Needlepoint pillows with corny sayings accent the sofas just as Liberace had done.

Liberace bedroom

The main feature of the Las Vegas master bedroom room set is the painted ceiling, based on The Sistine Chapel, just as Liberace had done. This was accomplished in a very short period of time by having scenic artist Marian Westall paint a 15x10 version which was then scanned, enlarged to 24x56 and printed on canvas, which was applied to the ceiling like wall paper.

Liberace bedroom

A tighter shot of the very regal king bed in the master bedroom set of Liberaces Las Vegas home. The original was a rare antique, but this bed was a similar purchased reproduction that was then enhanced by recasting the posts to get the canopy to reach its 10 height. Topped of by a recreation of the original canopy drapery.

Liberace closet

Pictured is the walk-in closet of the set for Liberaces Las Vegas bedroom suite. Details of this closet are based on the original room that served to showcase Liberaces extravagant clothing. The Liberace Museum provided some of his actual clothing, which were featured in the room that required special, archival handling, as evidenced by the storage box with tissue paper in this photo.

Liberace gilt and white piano in home

The dining room of Liberaces Las Vegas home, with a reproduction 19th-century white French antique piano with gold ormolu supplied by vendor Phyllis Morris, who Liberace once frequented. The curios and the built-in cabinet in the background belong to Zsa Zsa Gabor, whos home was used as a location for the scenes in exterior and main areas of the house.

Liberace dining room

The dining room of Liberaces Las Vegas home. The furnishings in this room primarily belonged to the location's owner, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Liberace portrait over ornate chest of drawers

Another portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace. He had a collection of different portraits displayed in his bedroom. This one was, as where all the portraits, based on the Liberace Museums collection, and were painted for the film by Alex Tavoularis.

Liberace entrance to marble bathroom

Another view of the master bath set for Liberaces Las Vegas home. Set decorator Barbra Munch Cameron was struck by Liberaces habit of using two of everything when it came to art and furnishings, as illustrated in this photo.

Liberace swimming pool

Pool area of the Las Vegas home featured piano keys around the pools edge and an L crest at the bottom. The wall and statues were added around the pool to block the view of L.A. of Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel Air home.

Gilded cart with crystal glasses and decanters

Never one to miss an opportunity to display a collection, this bar cart was placed within arms reach of the Grecian jacuzzi tub, as Lee often enjoyed a glass of bubbly during bath time.

Michael Douglas as Liberace in cape on stage

Stage show featuring a costume designed by Ellen Morojnick, inspired by Liberaces original which was called the Lasagna Outfit. The theater's modern stadium-style seating was removed and replaced with period-accurate upholstered booths and tables.

Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon on stage with car

Stage set of Liberaces Las Vegas Hilton Act. This was the show opener and featured a 26 Rolls Royce Landau that Scott Thorson would drive onto the stage for Liberaces entrance, wearing a 16 fox fur cape. The Roll Royce used in the production was the actual car that Liberace used and was provided by the Liberace Museum. The original Liberace light bulb marquee sign can be found in the Las Vegas Neon Bone Yard.

Liberace kitchen

Scott Thorsons kitchen, shot on location in Ladera Heights, Los Angeles.

Liberace den with high windows and bar

Mr. Y the drug dealers apartment. Shot on loctation in Burbank, this penthouse was owned by Elvis Presley's hairdresser and had been abandoned for years. Biomorphic plaster wall treatment was original to the unit.

Liberace ornate piano in home

The Beverly Blvd penthouse, which was shot on location and restored, to look as it did when owned by Liberace. The mirror red tile piano was owned by Liberace and sat in this very spot. Set decorator Barbara Munch happened upon it in the Los Angeles Baldwin showroom. Debbie Gibson purchased it from the Liberace Estate and lent it to the production.

Liberace sitting room

This is the den of the Beverly Penthouse and the area Scott Thorson used the most. The furniture in the penthouse was placed just as it had been when Liberace lived there. The current owner of the building provided extensive research photos. The color scheme, and use of Asian art pieces, was all true to the original design. The Zebra carpet was located at Lester Carpet, a neighboring store where Liberace had purchased it originally.

Liberace bedroom

The black glass master bedroom of the Beverly Blvd penthouse. As in the other rooms, furniture placed is based on research photos. Mirrored storage closets are original to the apartment. The painted Greek bust on a pedestal, in the corner, belonged to Liberace and stood in that spot.

Detail of Liberace sitting room with ceramic Buddha

Detail shot of the Beverly Penthouse den. The eclectic mix of European furniture, like the French Empire desk and Asian art pieces, as it was in the original. Custom red reflective wallpaper offset the restored bar area.

Liberace swimming pool

The Pool Area of the Beverly Penthouse, much as it was when Liberace owned it. The exterior walls painted a deep charcoal to offset the statuary that was placed on every available surface, including the roof. The original fiber optic wall sculpture of a tree with hand painted clay birds that spouted water fortunately survived.

Entrance to Casa de Liberace

The Gates to Liberaces Palm Springs estate - the Cloisters. The original house is currently under construction, so a similar house in the historic Las Palmas neighborhood was used. This house was across the street from George Liberaces original residence.

Liberace swimming pool

The Palm Spring location used for the pool area of Liberaces mother's house. This home was once owned by George Randolph Hearst and still retained many of its original, early 1960s architecture and furnishings.

Liberace chapel

Our Lady of Solitude Catholic Church, in Palm Springs, was the actual church were Liberaces only public funeral service was held and used for the final scene.

Behind the Candelabra

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