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Season 1

Part 5

In the miniseries finale, as Vedas singing career takes off, Mildreds attempts to reconcile with her estranged daughter finally pay off, though at a painful price.

Part 5 Part 5

Part 4

Mildred opens a profitable new restaurant, but her good fortune is tempered by
Vedas manipulation of a smitten society bachelor and his wealthy family.

Part 4 Part 4

Part 3

In the wake of tragedy, Mildred opens her new restaurant and reconnects with
Monty, whose lethargy tests the bonds between Mildred and Veda.

Part 3 Part 3

Part 2

With her pie side-business thriving, Mildred sets in motion a plan to
start a business for herself, and falls for a handsome stranger named Monty Beragon.

Part 2 Part 2

Part 1

After throwing her cheating husband out of the house, a young mother
named Mildred Pierce tries to find suitable work in Depression-era California.

Part 1 Part 1