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Teleplay by Todd Haynes & Jon Raymond; Directed by Todd Haynes

Four Years Later (1937-1938).

After adding a Beverly Hills luncheonette to her successful Glendale restaurant, Mildred schemes with Lucy, who has become her junior business partner, to open a new oceanfront seafood and steak restaurant in Laguna Beach. But Mildreds business success is tempered by a growing rift with Veda, who despairs when her longtime piano teacher dies and a prospective replacement, well-known conductor Carlo Treviso, is dismissive of her talent. Stung by rejection, Veda starts hanging out with a society crowd, including Sammy Forrester, whose mother visits Mildred to discuss their childrens engagement. When Mildred confronts Veda, she discovers her daughters plan to pressure Sammys family to provide her with money to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Doubting that Veda is even pregnant, Mildred throws her out of the house. After months with no communication, Mildred learns from Bert about Vedas success as an opera singer. Hearing Veda sing on the radio, Mildred is stunned by her daughters talent -- and determined to win her back.

Veda hugging Mildred

Part 4