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Production Design Slideshow

Pierce Homes

192Os map of Pierce Homes created by the art department based on an original map of Glendale, California

Pierce home floorplan and model

Original napkin sketch of the Glendale home, and a model

pierce home exterior side view

Left to right: Original exterior of a Pierce Home location; color comp; and finished Pierce Glendale home

Pierce home exterior

Production still of Mildreds Glendale house. This is in an existing neighborhood in Merrick, New York that was altered to embody a typical Glendale, Califronia neighborhood of the 1920s.

Gas station

A California highway gas station: Before (corner) and after.

Buildings before and after set dress

Hollywood street location in Peekskill, NY (above) and an art department generated mock-up, transforming it into a Hollywood street (below)

Store front before and after set dress

Digital composite (left) and production still (right) of a downtown Los Angeles storefront set, shot in New York

Cafe interior and exterior shots

Undressed location shots of Mr. Chriss Hollywood restaurant (top) and the dressed Hollywood restaurant (below)

Restaurant interior

Production still inside Mildreds restaurant, built and shot at Steiner Studios

Cafe kitchen interior

Inside Mildreds restaurant kitchen

Mildred's Laguna Beach

Mildreds Laguna restaurant

Theater before and after set dress

Process photos of the original shooting location in Harlem (top left), a production still after the exterior was dressed (bottom left) and a digital composite of the visual effects added in post-production

Opera stage set

The Opera set

Vida on opera stage

Production still of the Philharmonic Opera scene

Pierce home kitchen interior

The finished Glendale house kitchen set. The hues for this room came from color research from the 192Os.

Pierce home fireplace before and after set dress

An example of Spanish bungalow architecture found on a location scout in California (left); the finished Glendale house den, inspired from that 1920s architecture (right)

Pierce livingroom

Finished set photo of the Glendale house den

Store front before and after set dress

A New York City street (left) made to look like 193Os Hollywood (right)

Store fronts before and after set dress

Transforming a dollar store (left) to a period hardware store (right)

Cafe interior

3D model; and the finished Hollywood restaurant

Pierce home exterior construction

A digital composite of Mildreds first restaurant generated before building began (top); actual building process (below)

Mildred's restaurant exterior

Set photo of the finished exterior of Mildreds first restaurant

Mansion livingroom

One of the Woolworth family mansions that still exists in New York was used for Montys mansion and altered to exude 193Os wealth.

Formal party

A production still of the mansions foyer shows how the sets and costumes combined to capture the feel of the 193Os.

Part 2

With her pie side-business thriving, Mildred sets in motion a plan to
start a business for herself, and falls for a handsome stranger named Monty Beragon.