Ilene S. Landress

Co-Executive Producer


Ilene S. Landress (co-executive producer) was a nine-year freelancer on numerous studio and independent feature film and television projects before working on the acclaimed HBO drama “The Sopranos.” Her role as executive producer on the series won her two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Drama Series and four PGA Award nominations, winning twice for Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic. Landress oversaw the studio construction and the first year of production on “Spin City,” the first four-camera film sitcom to be shot entirely in New York City. Her other television credits include the “Burns Brothers Pilot” and “Dear Diary,” a failed television pilot released as a live action short film, which garnered an Academy Award® for Best Short, Live Action. Her feature film credits include “Drunks” (co-producer), “The Perez Family” (production supervisor/UPM), “Naked in New York” and “Up Close and Personal.”