Life's Too Short Special to Wrap Up Series

Jun 4, 2013

The comedy series from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and starring Warwick Davis returns to wrap up the story of a fictionalized version of the actor, a little person trying to hustle his way back into the spotlight. After a long cold spell, things are looking up for the self-aggrandizing Davis, who once appeared in some of Hollywood's biggest hits (the "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" films). He's living with his new girlfriend, Amy, and is elated to learn from fellow "Willow" star Val Kilmer that a sequel to that 1988 fantasy may be in the works - if Davis can help raise funds to finance the film.

In addition to Davis, Gervais and Merchant reprise their roles, and other returning actors include Jo Enright as Davis' ex-wife, Sue; Rosamund Hanson as his dim-witted assistant, Cheryl; Steve Brody as his incompetent accountant; Colin Hoult as his spiritual counselor, Bryan Medici; Kiruna Stamell as Amy; and "EastEnders" actor Shaun Williamson as himself.

The special will air on HBO on Friday, July 5.

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