From a young age Rosamund Hanson had a passion for performing and it was a teacher who noticed this that suggested she apply for a place with the Central Junior Television Workshop. The Central Junior Television Workshop is an independent organisation who develops and trains young actors for stage and screen with alumni who include Samantha Morton, Toby Kebbell, Vicky McClure, Jack O'Connell, Joe Dempsie and Lauren and Michael Socha. Having been awarded a place in the workshop, Rosamund won roles in a number of plays including Edward Albee's 'Zoo Story'(which she also directed), Gordon Steel's 'Like a Virgin', Mario Kapatrick's 'The Musicians' and Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'. Rosamund always had a passion for accents in her time at the work shop and played a varied range of colourful characters.

One day after school she attended an open audition for a new Shane Meadows project which was at the time entitled Bulldog!, OI! 'This Is England.' The project was later renamed 'This Is England' and after getting a recall Rosamund found out that she had been given the part of Smell in the gang. The film was shot during her final year at secondary school and following this she attended a performance course at the NCN College in Nottingham.

With the enormous success of the film, Shane Meadows contacted Rosamund again to share the news that 'This Is England' '86 a television spin off had been commissioned by Channel 4 and this would focus on the same central characters from the film. After filming 'This Is England' '86 Rosamund went on to star as Bonnie Tyler in 'Shameless' before auditioning for a role in the new Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant project 'Life's Too Short.' Rosamund will be seen in the highly anticipated 'Life's Too Short' in November this year playing the secretary Cheryl Wilkins.

In 2011 Rosamund also completed filming on 'This Is England' '88, three new one hour films which will be aired over the Christmas period.