Jo Enright

as Sue


After Warwick told Sue he wanted to "take a break" from their marriage, she quickly realized how much happier and more fulfilled she was without him. During the same period, Warwick discovered the opposite. Now, Sue's biggest challenge is trying to get Warwick to stop dropping by his former home unannounced.


"Jo Enright is one of the most naturally gifted comic talents I've ever seen. I'd put her in the same league as Julie Walters." -Peter Kay

"A great comedienne" -Jack Dee

For more than a decade now the highly acclaimed comedienne Jo Enright has crafted a completely unique style of stand-up comedy. As well as performing it both on television and radio, Jo also thrives on live theatre performances, winning several comedy awards including the 2002 Chortle Award for 'The Best Female Circuit Comic' and the 2001 'Best Female on the Jongleurs Comedy Circuit' award.

Alongside stand-up she is in demand as a character actress appearing as the lead female 'Beverley' in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights (C4), 'Cara' in "Lab Rats" (BBC1) Peter Kay's "Britain's Got The Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice", playing the lead female 'Jackie'. At the beginning of 2010 Jo once again played the part of Carol in the hit comedy series "IDEAL" for BBC.

Jo is currently appearing in 'Life's Too Short', a BBC TV series written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

When not acting or writing, Jo continues to tour nationally and internationally as a professional comic.

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