Insecure Fans Block-Party in Brooklyn

Oct 14, 2016

Fans came together for an epic night of fun, friendship and community.

In celebration of Insecure’s focus on friendship, culture and music, HBO hosted a Block Party event for Issa Rae’s new comedy series Insecure at The Landing at Industry City in Brooklyn. The day featured live music, delicious food and several opportunities for attendees to screen the series premiere, “Insecure as F**k.”

Party-goers were on top of their Instagram and Snapchat game, sharing images from the event, particularly embracing a “photo booth” set designed to look like Inglewood, where fans could pose on bicycles and create their own gifs. For those who longing to emulate Issa, a second booth allowed them to insert their face into the Insecure poster.

“It’s amazing,” actor Jay Ellis, (Lawrence) said after screening the pilot with room full of fans. “Everybody laughs at something different. There are things you haven’t even noticed that once people laugh at, you go back, and think, ‘aw man, that was hilarious.’” Rae added, “It’s so exciting to watch the show with people that I don’t know … the reaction is so genuine.”

The crowd also provided some insights. Rae referred to the overwhelming response to the “lipstick scene” in the pilot – in which her character tries on several shades of lipstick, personality tactics for picking up a guy. “It was like 1/4 of a page of the script,” explained Rae, “something I put together from my own experience. So to see so many women be like, ‘that’s me in the mirror’ I love, and I did not expect at all.” Showrunner Prentice Penny had his own theory why people loved it: “That’s the part that’s most honest for Issa."

A dance floor was located in the center of the “block,” inspiring guests to dance and mingle with one another. When asked what he was most looking forward to Ellis said, “BJ the Chicago Kid. Big time. My favorite artist.” Along with BJ and the Chicago Kid, was music from DJs Kitty Cash and Ms. Nix, and performances by Kari Faux, Kaytranada, and Lou Phelps. The music played as party-goers lined up to eat a feast including empanadas to corn bread to crabcakes. “The food here is insane,” said Lisa Joyce, who plays Frieda

Guests lounged on comfy furniture sipping the Block Party’s signature drink “The Insecuritea,” a refreshing combination of whiskey infused tea and fresh squeezed lemonade, topped with mint garnish. Cornhole was also a featured past time, pulling together the theme of a community gathering to eat, drink and celebrate. Entering the party, Yvonne Orji (Molly) announced, “I’m looking forward to having a great time, shutting down Brooklyn, and just partying with a hundred of my new closest friends.”

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