played by John Mahoney


'Dan In Real Life,' 'The Emperor's New Groove 2,' 'Fathers and Sons,' 'Atlantis: Mino's Return,' 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire,' 'Almost Salinas,' 'The Broken Hearts Club,' 'The Iron Giant,' 'Antz,' 'She's the One,' 'Primal Fear,' 'Mariette in Ecstasy,' 'The American President,' 'The Hudsucker Proxy,' 'Reality Bites,' 'Striking Distance,' 'In the Line of Fire,' 'The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton,' 'Article 99,' 'Barton Fink,' 'Unnatural Pursuits,' 'The Russia House,' 'Love Hurts,' 'Say Anything,' 'Eight Men Out,' 'Frantic,' 'Moonstruck,' 'Suspect,' 'The House of Blue Leaves,' 'The Hustler of Money,' 'Tin Men,' 'The Christmas Gift,' 'Streets of Gold,' 'The Manhattan Project,' 'Code of Silence,' 'Mission Hill'

'Burn Notice,' 'The Simpsons,' 'ER,' 'Frasier,' 'Gary the Rat,' 'Teacher's Pet,' 'Becker,' 'Nothing Sacred,' 'Tracey Takes On,' '3rd Rock from the Sun,' 'Cheers,' 'The Human Factor,' 'The American Experience,' 'Saturday Night'

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