played by Michelle Forbes

It wasn't the infidelity issue that ultimately unraveled Paul's and Kate's marriage...

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It wasn't the infidelity issue that ultimately unraveled Paul's and Kate's marriage, it was her resentment over competing with his patients for attention. In spite of trying to work things out in sessions with Gina, Kate and Paul go their separate ways.


Michelle Forbes has been able to bring an intense quality to each and every role she tackles. She is among one of our most prolific actors, currently working on three television series both in the US and Canada.

Forbes made her debut last November in the groundbreaking Alan Ball series for HBO ''True Blood,'' starring as Maryann, a wealthy local who has mysterious intentions. She also returned as Kate Weston in the critically acclaimed HBO series ''In Treatment,'' opposite Gabriel Byrne and Dianne Weist. The show began production on its second season in the fall in New York. Lastly, Forbes is also starring in the dark, award-winning Canadian series ''Durham County'' which airs on the Movie Network and Movie Central next year. She joins the cast as Dr. Penelope Verrity a forensic psychiatrist who quickly develops a bond with detective Mike Sweeney, played by Hugh Dillon.

Forbes began her career in the long-running CBS daytime series ''The Guiding Light,'' which earned her a daytime Emmy nomination. After years of various theatre and television roles, it was in the 90's that Forbes appeared in such independent films as ''Kalifornia,'' starring opposite Brad Pitt and David Duchovny, and ''Swimming With Sharks'' with Kevin Spacey, to name a few. In 1996, Forbes was asked to join the award-winning series ''Homicide: Life On The Street,'' having met Tom Fontana that same year when she starred opposite Stockard Channing in the television movie ''The Prosecutors.''

Forbes then went on to do the critically hailed yet controversial and short lived series ''Wonderland'' for ABC as well as ''Johnson County War,'' an epic western filmed for the Hallmark channel. Terribly fond of working in the UK, her other series credits include a three year stint on the lauded BBC television series ''Messiah'' opposite Ken Stott, and a recurring role on the BBC1 drama ''Walking The Dead.'' She is also a veteran of the 2nd season of ''24,'' playing Lynn Kresge.

In 2005, Forbes received rave reviews when she starred as Admiral Helena Cain in the intelligent and politically charged ''Battlestar Galactica.'' In addition to her extensive television work, Forbes has continued to appear in such independent films as ''Dandelion,'' which was received admirably at Sundance.

When not working, Forbes makes her home in Los Angeles and London.

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