Claire - Played By Kathryn Hahn


Tell us about Claire.


Claire is a very pregnant woman who kicked her husband out a few weeks before Ray meets her. She gave him a vague threat and he took it seriously and left. She's actually happier this way, but she's pretty lonely. She's very wealthy and was brought up in a fancy suburb of Detroit. She called the Happiness Consultants because she's very horny, and lonely. Not only does she need someone to satisfy her, she needs someone to help her set up the freaking crib.

Part of the fun of playing Claire is that she's so complicated. She's not the kindest person. She's self-centered and entitled and bitter. She misses wine and cigarettes madly. She can't wait to do it again. We never hear her talk about the baby in utero.  What she discovers in Ray is a deep friendship. He becomes so many other things, not just a d**k for hire.


Not a lot of actresses get to play a pregnant John. 


There's something really kind of scandalous about it. But it's unapologetic which I love. People think pregnancy is this untouchable nine months, when in fact my experience and all my girlfriends' was - it's actually a really horny time. People are not quite ready to deal with the sexual desire of a woman who's pregnant. It doesn't stop. When I read the role, I thought it was so ballsy, in a great way.


Did you have any qualms?


I had just given birth. My daughter is now ten months old. I'd played pregnant parts before. I guess I just reek of fertility. I must reek of motherhood which is pretty awesome: "I can't diet, I'm playing a pregnant part." But the other parts have been pretty saintly. The most that's been explored is, like, her appetite. So this was really refreshing to turn it on its head. I didn't have a problem with the nudity or love scenes because there was something between them - in this case it was a big fake prosthetic! (That got me over my fear of nudity. Its safer than wearing a bathing suit - it's awesome! Don't have to worry about the stomach! ) The trickier thing for me was going there emotionally. What a horrible place to be - without a partner and due any minute. But she's not a depressive. She's got a great sense of humor.



Turn ons: Available smile, nice pecs, hip dress, facial hair can absolutely happen, not-too polished.

Dealbreakers: gum chewing, rude to waiters and fake intellectual.

Dream Date: [person] Gabriel Byrne

Dream Date: [a place] The Ranch House restaurant in Ojai

Best Date: The Ranch House - my husband took me there. It's this little house in this herb garden with the best wine list. It's so romantic.

Worst Date: I was in H.S. and this guy tried to teach me to parallel park and he had a horrible wad of purple grape gum in his mouth and he didn't bother to take it out and he said something like "Do you believe in miracles?" It was awful. Now you know where I get all my dealbreakers.

Relationships Are: Work.

I Sleep in: Men's pajamas.

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