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The Red Pony- Aaron Copeland

Song Title: Walk To The Bunkhouse

Ray narrates over scenes of Detroit in disrepair.

Ten G Bob

Song Title: That Good Stuff

After Ray's house burns down and he can't find his daughter Darby, he hears pumping music as she shows up in her boyfriend's truck

Lou Rawls

Song Title: You'll Never Find A Love

Ray arrives at Ronnie and Jessica's barbeque where he tries to borrow money from Jessica.

Peter Cetera

Song Title: Glory Of Love

Ray enters a party at the home of Ronnie, his ex-wife Jessica's new husband.

Geraldine Farrar

Song Title: Un Bel Vedremo

Tanya reads poetry to Ray as he lays in bed. Ray gets up to leave and they talk.


Song Title: Another Day

Ray talks to his son Damon who is in line for a Godhead concert

Them Two

Song Title: Am I A Good Man

Ray says goodbye to his son and drives off down the street.

01: "Pilot"

Season 1

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