Season 1

01: "Pilot"


The Red Pony- Aaron Copeland: Walk To The Bunkhouse

Ray narrates over scenes of Detroit in disrepair.

Ten G Bob: That Good Stuff

After Ray's house burns down and he can't find his daughter Darby, he hears pumping music as she shows up in her boyfriend's truck

Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find A Love

Ray arrives at Ronnie and Jessica's barbeque where he tries to borrow money from Jessica.

Peter Cetera: Glory Of Love

Ray enters a party at the home of Ronnie, his ex-wife Jessica's new husband.

Geraldine Farrar: Un Bel Vedremo

Tanya reads poetry to Ray as he lays in bed. Ray gets up to leave and they talk.

Godhead: Another Day

Ray talks to his son Damon who is in line for a Godhead concert

Them Two: Am I A Good Man

Ray says goodbye to his son and drives off down the street.

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