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Ben: "We've been outsiders our whole life, I want in." Download Wallpaper: S2 Ben

Cam: "You think Brooks Brothers had each other's backs like this?" Download Wallpaper: S2 Cam

Rachel: "I want it to feel like my body doesn't exist." Download Wallpaper: S2 Rachel

Domingo: "See that's why I'm self-employed. I'm already at the office." Download Wallpaper: S2 Domingo

Kappo: "You can't live in an imaginary world and find something real." Download Wallpaper: S2 Kappo

Rene: "I don't f**king fight -- I shoot. That's right." Download Rene season 2 quote wallpaper

Rachel: "Maybe for the first time in a while, I am finally getting it." Download Rachel season 2 quote wallpaper

Kappo: "The secret is not get rick quick -- the secret is to get rich slow and appreciate it." Download Kappo season 2 quote wallpaper

Domingo: "You just have to roll with those f**kin punches, ya know." Download Domingo season 2 quote wallpaper

Cam: "I could use some Jewish muscle with me." Download Cam season 2 quote wallpaper

Ben: "I am not moving anywhere, I was born here and I will die here." Download Ben season 2 quote wallpaper