Reece Gilmore: Bling Dynasty

Yosi tells the boys good news

Zeus: You Gotta Teller

Mike and Eddie grill “Whiteboy Chichi” about the spray.

That Work: Secret Lover

Domingo with Euro babes, Cam grills him about the spray.

Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros: Om Nashi Me

Rachel and Tim eat mushrooms.

The Loft: On A Tuesday

Ben warns Cam about parting ways with Yosi.

Parigo: Vodka Reglisse

Song plays over stills of Russian bathhouses.

Japancakes: Baker Beats

Rachel and Tim at the bathhouse.

Mobb Deep: Shook Ones Pt. II

Rene breaks into Cam’s apartment. Cam and Domingo get jacked by Jamaicans.

Cody Crump: 1989

Ben gets a call from Kirsten and Christin.

N.E.R.D.: Sooner or Later

End Titles

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