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Song Title: Dreaming

Ben and Nancy in the morning.

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Make The Girl Dance

Song Title: Kill Me

Nancy arrives late to the morning meeting.

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Mark Ronson Feat. Santogold

Song Title: Pretty Green

Yoshi wants to go into business with Crisp

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Deer Hunter

Song Title: Fountain Stairs

Yoshi gives Ben and Cam contracts, advances them 10k.

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The Eliminators

Song Title: Dawn Patrol

Kapo is taken away in handcuffs.

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The Death Set

Song Title: Can You See Straight

Rachel watches Tim get a tattoo.

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She Wants Revenge

Song Title: Kiss the Night Away

Steve tells Rene that Everton emailed him and Wilfredo will not be skating.


Song Title: Crates Up

Lulu tells Cam they will have to end their business relationship.

Junior Reed

Song Title: One Blood

Everton wants Rene to donate the Escalade and money to the Jamaicans.

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Song Title: Sweet Calling

Ben and Cam meet Pharrell. Give Yoshi contract.

Jamie Woon

Song Title: Night Air

Nancy and Ben talk success, Yoshi pressures Cam into the deal.

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The Damned

Song Title: New Rose

End Titles

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14: I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?

Season 2

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